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Rice Baggy Slipcover

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    About Rice Baggy Slipcover

    • Beautiful, soft organic cotton jersey knit
    • Washable slipcover to keep rice baggy hygienic
    • Easy to care for
    • Approx. 4" x 8"(full size), 4" x 4" (half size)


    This slipcover is something I came up with to make rice baggies both more practical and more comfortable. In addition to keeping your rice baggy as clean as possible so that it doesn't have to be replaced frequently, the extra layer of insulation helps protect against "hot spots" - though I still urge you to be very careful not to overheat the baggy, and to shake it up thoroughly after heating before use. 

    The slipcover also makes the baggy as gentle as possible on the eyelids and surrounding skin. The material is a soft, dense organic cotton knit. Very comfortable and practical. Users regularly tell me it gets even softer with use.

    Usage and care

    What is the Rice Baggy Slipcover used for?

    This slipcover is for use with Rebecca's Rice Baggy. The rice baggy kit (see link below) comes with a slipcover, but you may wish to purchase spares or replacements. It may be possible to use this slipcover with other types of compresses as well.

    Instructions for use

    Please see Rice Baggy Kit: Instructions For Use for complete instructions on use of the  Rice Baggy.

    Cleaning and care

    It's so tempting to say what all vendors of products made with high quality fabrics say: Wash by hand in cold water, lay flat to dry, etc., etc., etc. But now and then I get tired of doling out advice that I am too busy or lazy to follow myself, so I will just be honest with you. Personally I throw them in the washing machine with my laundry and hang them up to dry. Your mileage may vary. Do not wash in hot water or dry in a drier. Expect a little shrinkage at first, but we make them large enough to accommodate this.


    See links below for replacement baggies and slipcovers.
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