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Ziena Oasis Dry Eye Glasses

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    About the Ziena Oasis

    • Larger size frame
    • Silicone shields insulates eyes from environmental triggers
    • Choice of frame, shield and lens color/types
    • Shipping: Ships separately from other items within 1 business day.
    • Returns: 30 days, new condition only. 
    • Also available as sunglasses

    Rebecca's description

    Dry eye glasses, also known as moisture chamber glasses, are, in my opinion, the simplest, most consistently effective, and safest way to give you control over pain and discomfort from ocular surface diseases (dry eye). 

    How dry eye glasses work

    Even people who do not, according to their doctor, have severe clinical signs of disease may experience a great deal of pain - from burning, stinging, and irritation to sharp pain to aching to acute light sensitivity. If you can't see comfortably, that's a serious problem. Medical treatments are designed to treat disease, but dry eye treatments frequently do not provide enough symptom relief. That's why things like dry eye glasses are so important: giving relief, without interfering with medical treatments. There is also some scientific evidence that they help medically as well.

    Controlled environment (no air movement)

    A common feature of dry eye disease (ocular surface disease) is exquisitely sensitive corneal nerves.

    So, the first and most important function of dry eye glasses is simply insulating your eyes from environmental stimulus. That means protection from wind, vents, heat, air conditioning, and even the minimal air movement you experience when you walk across the room.

    If you've ever struggled walking into a big box store, or driving with the air conditioning on, or sitting under a vent at work, or walking your dog on a windy day, or just sitting and reading in your apartment with forced-air heat, you can understand what I'm talking about. Dry eye glasses eliminate all these assaults on the nerves.

    Increased humidity

    When you enclose the eyes in a 'moisture chamber', even though it is not airtight, it allows for humidity to build in the space in front of your eyes. But, you say, that's why I use a humidifier! Well, if you're in a dry climate or have low indoor humidity, that humidifier may be very important. It's also blowing air around. Dry eye glasses make a nice humid chamber exactly where you want it: in front of your eyes.

    What is it like wearing dry eye glasses?

    • A little weird looking at first. Wear them with confidence and you'll soon get over that. The people around you will take their cue from you. Tell yourself they are smart and stylish, and other people will eventually fall into line. And why shouldn't you be part of setting a new trend?
    • Less pain. That's the bottom line. If you are in pain, and serious about getting it under control, dry eye glasses are what you should try. Doesn't have to be Zienas. Could be a cheap pair of goggles. But try something.
    • Less frequent dropping. Did you know that putting in eyedrops isn't just because of "dry eye" in the sense of your eyes drying out? For many people, it's simply all about comfort (sensation) management. When you're more comfortable (and incidentally when you've having less evaporative tear loss because of less moving air and higher humidity) you will probably not need to put drops in as frequently.

    Do they work for everyone?

    Of course not. Nothing works for everyone. Everything works for someone.

    But... I believe, and the data coming from the Dry Eye Foundation's community survey supports this idea, that dry eye glasses work for more people than almost anything else.

    Choosing your framestyle

    With any Ziena style, you'll need a frame that is a good width and size for you, but for the dry eye benefits, you also a shield that matches your facial contours as closely as possible. For women, the Kai (for smaller fits) and the Verona (for wider fits) are the most successful frames. Oasis is an attractive larger style. For men, Nereus is a fairly versatile fit. - You do not need a "skin tight" fit from the silicone shield - in fact, it will increase the likelihood of fogging. The goal is protection and incremental improvement.

    It's not possible to know for sure which style will fit best without trying them on. So consider purchasing two or more pairs and returning poor fits (but please respect the return policy).

    Fit can be improved with a strap for those who need it, or special ear grips to pull the shield closer to the face more discreetly. 

    What about prescriptions?

    First things first. Get a frame that you are sure fits you properly. Then take it to your local optician to add Rx lenses with all the bells and whistles you might need.

    Don't forget to tell the optician why you're wearing these glasses and how important they are to you. We need the medical professional to become more aware of our community's needs.

    What about sunglasses or indoor/outdoor?

    Click here.

    Manufacturer's description


    • Silicon eyecup retains eye moisture
    • 360° Bendable Temples allow adjustments for a secure seal
    • Spring hinges allow for a more comfortable fitting.
    • 100% UVA + UVB protection

    Frame size

    Large - XLarge

    To find the right size and fit, it is important to consider the curvature of your eyebrow bone & cheek bone. The various facial anatomies are the main factors to be considered on how the eyecup will work to offer a complete seal around the orbit of your eyes. Traditional sizing or fitting of a fashion frame does not necessarily pertain.

    In the box

    • Collapsible Hard Case
    • Microfiber Soft Case/Cloth

    Cleaning and care guide

    Link to manufacturer's site for complete instructions

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