Hurricane Ridge on a Sunday morning

Panos and I took a quick trip up to Hurricane Ridge for the first time since the 70-year-old day lodge burnt down last spring.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the drive up. 

But what we took to be all mist down in the valleys later proved to be part smoke - when we were headed back from a short hike, smoke from a fire 2,000 feet below began blowing right in our faces.

It's been an unusually long, dry summer here and some lightning strikes in late August sparked 7 fires in Olympic National Park.

 I never, ever tire of Hurricane Ridge - been visiting since I was a small child. You can see the Olympic range and glaciers to the south, the Straight of Juan de Fuca to the north, and of course from various hiking spots, a 360 degree view. This one is looking sothwest.

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