Amazon Pay... here, then gone. Sorry.

We tried Amazon Pay.

We don't sell on Amazon. It's expensive, and I've heard far too many horror stories from small businesses trying to sell there.

However, Amazon Pay is a payment processing service that you can add to your own site that makes it very convenient for Amazon customers to purchase from you. Convenience is good, so I added it to our store. What could go wrong?

It seemed like a good idea. 

Many of our customers started using Amazon Pay. It added a little bit of administrative burden, but that's well worth it if it's helpful to people.

Then, with no warning:

Amazon terminated our account. They said we "may" be in violation of their policy  prohibiting the use of their payment service for "unapproved medical devices or devices requiring a prescription".

We do not sell any product requiring a prescription. Period.  Naturally I filed an appeal. But...

No response, and no recourse, and no humans.

There is NO form of support available. No phone, no email, no nothing.

When I filed the appeal, it said I would hear back within 24 hours. I haven't. Meantime, they're holding all of the money from nearly all of the sales that they processed since opening the account.

Apparently, I should have known better.

I thought it was just a payment service. I never dreamt I would be subject to the same arbitrary treatment as other companies I know that have had issues with trying to sell on the Amazon platform itself. 

AMAZON: Failure to provide customer support to your customers is just not okay. I hope I eventually get my money back, but in in any case, I will not be doing business with you again, in any way, shape or form.

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