My name is Susan, I’ve been working at the Dry Eye Company for two years. My job is Receiving/Inventory management. I help Brent with the shipping on Mondays and on a “as needed" basis.” Sometimes I help out with some other administrative tasks, and then I don’t have to do them but then I end up being tasked with them again! Right now I’m NOT doing these administrative tasks, at least for the moment, so it makes for an interesting day… until I’m asked to do them again!  

I have this annoying habit of remembering things that I should have done at the most inconvenient times, usually in the middle of the night. This makes me distracted from the tasks I have at hand. The other day when I was making my oatmeal for breakfast, I suddenly realized that I had sprinkled black pepper on my oatmeal instead of cinnamon. Thank god I noticed before I ate it.

I was speaking to Brent about it and asked him, “Why do I find myself doing all this?” His reply was, “Because you care.” It’s true, I really do care about this place. It’s such a fun and interesting place to work, yeah, we all have our moments but at the end of the day I feel we are one small happy family!  


Editor's note: Susan didn't give her post a title. So I had to rely upon the inspiration of the moment, and this is what came. Susan is English, and somehow it just fit. You know. Like Stoke-on-Trent or Wotton-under-Edge or Newbiggin-by-the-Sea: Susan-in-the-Stockroom. Oh yes, and I'm the one perenially guilty of yo-yoing Susan on the administrative stuff! She is very patient and tolerant of the frequent changes!

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