It's National Pack Rat Day

Every so often we like to browse obscure holidays to see what we can have some fun with. 

We know dry eye and scleral lens patients certainly accumulate a lot of STUFF, so today's the day for a couple reminders:

Saline, solutions, eye drops, lid cleansing products, etc. EXPIRE

  • Check expiration dates of everything in your bathroom/drawer/purse/glovebox and chuck anything that's expired! 

Don't stretch out SINGLE-USE products

  • Learn more about contamination risks for PF eyedrops from the Dry Eye Foundation.
  • Scleralfil, Nutrifill, Lacripure, etc. must be discarded after one use. 

Once opened, know how long your product is good for

  • Ask your doctor how long you can use Purilens for filling and how long you can use it for rinsing scleral lenses
  • Many preservative-free multidose artificial tears (Oasis, Optase, Retaine) are labeled for use within three months of opening

Don't top-off or reuse multipurpose solution

Now's a good time to re-read product labels and expiration dates for everything you're putting in your eyes! 

Proud of your scleral lens stash or your "tried it once" dry eye product graveyard? Send us a picture!

Need to find a good home for anything unopened (and unexpired)? Email us to donate to our freebie program. 

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  • I had lipid flow done on February 28th and my eyes seem much worse and now they keep on producing mucus what do I do

    Violet Marion on

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