New video: Buffered vs unbuffered preservative free saline solutions

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  • Hi Zenre – sorry about not being able to ship saline to you! There are restrictions on import of contact lens solutions to most countries unfortunately so it makes it hard to get scleral lens supplies. I hope your optometrist was able to help! And yes it’s hard to predict sometimes what will work for whom!

    Rebecca on
  • Thanks Rebecca – video on buffered versus unbuffered was very interesting. I tried to order saline yesterday from dry eye shop but no shipping to South Africa. I found some unbuffered vials of saline from a hospital pharmacy yesterday. There is only this and 1 litre sterile bottles of saline available in my province. A few bottles of Lensplus around but really old stock. I am going to see my optometrist tomorrow to inquire about the hospital saline vials. Go well. Thanks for information. I used Lensplus/ buffered on Friday past and for 1s time had fog after 5 hours. Looks like unbuffered is better for me. Harder on eye but better. Thanks

    Zenre Kotze on
  • Hello. Is buffered saline safe for eyes after corneal transplant?

    Kamil on

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