"Amazon wouldn't have done that!"

"Amazon wouldn't have done that!" is Brent's new catchphrase to identify the situations that in some way epitomize who we are as a company.

So many of our customers really can benefit from the human touch. And humanity is such a big part of who we feel ourselves to be as a business. 

Here's today's example:

I was doing an order "check". What's that? Well, we have a rule here that no order goes out the door unless it has been seen by two pairs of eyes. So, our orders are processed in batches of ten. Brent arranges the packing slips and labels and all of the products - as much as possible, he manages to arrange them *in* the boxes but yet with everything showing so that it's easy to see labels and quantities. Then he gets someone to do a check, that is, to look at each order and make sure everything he gathered matches the packing slip. Usually that's Susan. But she's part time, and on busy days some orders get packed after she leaves, so it might be customer service or whoever's around, and if no one else is around, it'll be me. Today, it was a super busy Monday, but Susan was done for the day and Chaidie had gone home sick so I was the one doing the check.

As I was glancing over the orders, I got to one with a lot of line items and Brent mentioned that it was two orders in one. When I looked at the line Items, I started wondering if *maybe* there had been some accidental duplication. So I went and looked up the orders. One had been placed Thursday, the other Saturday. Some of the items overlapped, some didn't. - There were scleral lens products and there were dry eye products, and I just had a feeling about this one, so I called the customer and explained what I was seeing and asked if by chance they had ordered more than they wanted of something. 

And whaddayaknow, they had. We went through both orders carefully and trimmed it down to exactly what the customer had actually wanted, and I refunded the rest. 

As soon as I got off the phone, I turned around, and there was Brent's big grin and "Amazon wouldn't have done that!" 

...We have rough Mondays sometimes - and honestly, today was one of them, after the huge fiasco of Lacripure not showing up on time last Friday - but... I think we also really love our jobs.

It's just so satisfying to bring a human touch to ecommerce.


Note: This is not intended as an anti Amazon post... per se! I'm an ardent supporter of small businesses, and at the same time, a regular Amazon customer, and grateful for the low prices on some things that I really need for my own business from time to time. 

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