Scleral lens applicator ring re-purchase? Careful about sizes!


I find that the EZI ring users are getting confused over sizes. We have always had all the fitting tips and sizing information in the descriptions, but I've reviewed and adjusted everything to try to make it harder to accidentally purchase the wrong thing. Here's what you need to know:

For PROSE and scleral lenses larger than 15mm diameter:

Please order the EZI Scleral Lens Applicator ring. It comes in two RING sizes - but note that the cup size is the same. The standard size one looks like this:

BUT for "mini" sclerals and any lens 15mm or smaller:

Please order the EZI Lens Applicator ring for Mini Sclerals and Hybrids. We are only offering one size ring for this one, but there is an extra large one available that we can get if asked. Anyway, it looks like this:

Returns & exchanges

If you find that you have accidentally ordered the wrong thing, don't worry, we make returns & exchanges easy. Just call or email.


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