The Great Eyedrop Purge

It's fall!

That means it's fair game for trite references to ye olde fall housecleaning time!

Here at the Dry Eye Shop, that includes clean-out-the-eyedrop-drawer time!

The "chuck-it" checklist

It's time to go through your...

  • bathroom shelves
  • and drawers
  • and your nightstand
  • and your desk
  • and your purse
  • and your car
  • and your pockets
  • and anywhere and everywhere else you might have a stash of eyedrops!

Step 1: Standard common-sense throwaways

  • Every eyedrop that is past its expiration. If you have loose single-use vials, don't use the excuse that you didn't keep the packaging... the expiration really is stamped into the plastic of each vial.
  • Every bottle of anything that has been, or looks like it might have been, open for longer than you can remember.
  • Every single-use eyedrop vial at the bottom of your purse or pockets that looks incredibly disgusting and grimy.

Step 2: Guilt-trip and hoarder throwaways

  • Every brand of eyedrop that you dislike and know you will never use but couldn't bring yourself to throw away before now because of your resentment over how much all these drops have cost you. It's time to let it go.
  • Every eyedrop that doesn't work but that you're keeping for a rainy day. If it has never worked for you before, it won't work on a rainy day either.

Step 3: Conscientious consumer throw-aways

  • Every lubricant eye drop with a preservative. If you have dry eye disease, why would you expose yourself to any preservatives unnecessarily? And for extra-extra credit, tell your eye doctor how you feel about preservatives. Maybe they'll repeat it to the next drug rep that walks in the door. We cannot beat that drum too often. Canada has preservative-free steroid and allergy drops... why the heck can't we?
  • Every redness reliever - containing eyedrop - if you dare! - unless of course you are one of those freakishly disciplined humans with the willpower to use it only on special occasions. And for the rest of you, please spare me the lecture on how great Lumify is and how much your optometrist is raving about it, because the fact is, it's preserved with a high concentration of the same old BAD BAK that's in all the other ones, and therefore a great candidate for harm from unintentional chronic overuse.

Step 4: Snap a pic to earn a $10 DryEyeShop coupon...

Send a picture of everything that you gathered and discarded! Email it to We would love to gather your pictures as inspiration to others!


Vicky's eyedrop purge

Shelly's eyedrop purge

Nancy's eyedrop purge

Marion's eyedrop purge

Carolyn's eyedrop purge

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  • CVS brand nighttime ointment caused my eyes to burn. Maybe it’s because there is wheatgerm in it

    I would not buy the CVS brand nighttime ophthalmic ointment. It caused my eyes to burn on

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