Vendor spotlight: Contamac

Contamac and the scleral lens world

Contamac is a contact lens material manufacturer based in England. They make the materials for soft contacts, gas permeable contacts (including sclerals) and intra-ocular lenses used for cataract surgeries. They also make some solutions.


What Contamac is so well known for in our scleral lens world is Nutrifill, a breakthrough buffered scleral lens filling solution with electrolytes.

I have a really deep appreciation for this company because for certain patients, this solution makes the difference between scleral lens success and failure. It's those few special products out there that just make all the difference in the world - sometimes unexpectedly - to one's quality of life. For people who are struggling with sclerals even after being certain that their lens fit is optimal, I think that trying this saline is always a good option.

Thankfully, we're now able to offer sample packs of Nutrifill, to make it easier for people to try it at lower cost.


Contamac's HyClear is another popular hypochlorous eyelid cleansing spray. We don't stock it at the shop, but are aware of it as a good option.

Working with Contamac as a vendor

Contamac has been a responsible and responsive vendor. When issues arise (as they are bound to do) they are very approachable and reasonable and we work things through. We appreciate their ethics as a vendor.

About this blog series

A key part of what the Dry Eye Shop does is to gather together a wide variety of dry eye and scleral lens products and wrap them up in information and practical tips to help you understand them from the patient's perspective.

We purchase from a growing number of companies, ranging from "mom & pop" developers of niche products for certain special needs of the corneal disease world to multi-national pharmaceutical companies selling familiar brands of eye drops.

We appreciate our vendors of all sizes and types and want to tell you more about them! This year, I've been sharing every so often about one of these companies - who they are, how and why (and what) we started purchasing from them and when, and what they mean to us.

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