Are all ointments the same goop?

Not really.

They may seem very similar (greasy!), but there are actually significant differences amongst most of the ointments on the market. Here we cover the major brands - many of these are available in generics. 

Have a look at the differences in ingredient proportion, and in inactive ingredients. If ointment does not agree with you, and you want to try another, make sure to pick one that is different in more than name!

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Genteal Night-Time Ointment

White petrolatum 93%
Mineral oil 4%

Anhydrous liquid lanolin
Optase Hylo Night Eye Ointment

White petrolatum 90%
Lanolin 6.9%

Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A)
Light liquid paraffin (may contain peanut oil)
Refresh PM

Mineral oil 42.5%
White petrolatum 57.3%

Lanolin alcohols
Retaine PM

Mineral oil 20%
White petrolatum 80%

Soothe Nighttime Ointment

Mineral oil 20%
White petrolatum 80%

Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment

White petrolatum 94%
Mineral oil 3%

Anhydrous Liquid Lanolin 3%

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  • I have severe dry eye now but I have been bothered by the conditon for 30+ years. I’ve tried every ointment and gel on the market. Lately, I tried Optase HyloNight and am very glad I did. It is gentle and soothing. I do not experience any irritation when I wake up and I could never say that about any other ointment. HyloNight will be my #1 choice from now on.

    Susan Houser on

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