Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

It's been another full year!

Lots of challenges, lots of excitement, and... so many things to be thankful for.  

Some quick highlights of things I'm thankful for -

  • Starting to do videos again :) 
  • Being able to spend most of this year on Dry Eye Foundation work, because of...
  • Awesome DryEyeShop Team! 
  • Long warm summer!
  • New glass whiteboard in my office :) 
  • Good health
  • Not having to mask at work anymore
  • Lots of new developments in the dry eye world (new research in eye pain, new drugs on the way)
  • Shop debt getting paid down gradually
  • Tax refund, whoopie
  • CEO group monthly meeting
  • Very supportive husband
  • My friend Roz, a longtime DryEyeShop supporter and co-founder of the Dry Eye Foundation

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