Scleralfil vs Purilens

Comparing two buffered preservative-free salines

How are they alike and how are they different?

I want to know...

Is it preservative-free?
Is it buffered?
Is it labeled for filling scleral lenses?
What are the ingredients? (Note: They're identical)
Purified water, sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium borate
Purified water, sodium chloride, boric acid, sodium borate
What kind of container does it come in?
Re-usable bottle with screw-top
Remove ring from under lid and screw in lid to puncture top before first use. Recap tightly after each use.
Round vial with twist-off top and a flat bottom (stands up on its own while you're using it)
Tip: The twist-off is easier to remove than "pink vial" nebulizer saline.
How much is in one container?
4-oz (Purilens Plus)
2-oz (Purilens Mini)
(Same as Nutrifill; twice as much Lacripure or sodium chloride vials)
How long can I use it?
Manufacturer says to discard 14 days after opening.
If you're filling your lenses with it, please ask your doctor. Many doctors recommend using it for filling only up to 48 hours after opening. 
Discard after use. 
This is a single-use product, similar to preservative-free lubricant drops in concept though the design is much larger.
Package size
4oz size:
  • Box of 3 bottles
  • Box of 12 bottles
  • 2x12pack (24 bottles)
2oz Mini: Box of 6 bottles
Box of 30 vials
  • 3 boxes (90 vials)
  • 12 boxes (360 vials)
  • 24 boxes (720 vials)
3pack: $18.95
12pack: $46.95
24pack: $88.95
Mini 6pack: $26.95
$19.95 per box
3pack: $53.87 (save 10%)
12pack: $203.49 (save 15%)
24pack: $383.04 (save (20%)
Common preferred uses
(Note: many people use both of these products, since the saline itself is the same)
New scleral lens users who are learning how to put their lenses in and go through a lot of saline in the process
People who need a lot of saline for rinsing every day (e.g. rinsing cleaners off before hydrogen peroxide disinfection, etc)
When you're out and about (small and handy)
Traveling, esp. for carry-on luggage
People who prefer borate-buffered saline but for safety reasons prefer single use vials


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