What do you fill your PROSE or scleral lenses with?

Doctors fitting PROSE or scleral lenses make patient-specific recommendations for what solutions they should use to fill the lenses, and these recommendations are sometimes adjusted based on practical issues such as comfort, fogging, etc. 

Sometimes doctors don't provide specific recommendations and patients make their choices (safe and preservative free choices, we hope!) based on what they can glean from others' experiences in social media, including our Facebook scleral lens group or our DryEyeZone scleral lens forum. (We hope everyone circles back to their doctor and lets them know what they're using.)

Here are some of the many scenarios I've come across in recent years:

  • Preservative free saline (unbuffered) - Lacripure, Addipak, Modudose
  • Preservative free saline (buffered) - Purilens Plus, ScleralFil (and of course the discontinued Unisol 4)
  • PF saline plus some Refresh Celluvisc
  • PF saline plus another PF artificial tear
  • PF artificial tears only
  • Autologous serum drops

What do YOU fill your lenses with? I would love to hear. Share in the comments below, or go vote and comment on DryEyeTalk.

Thanks for sharing!

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  • Please I need help I have Scleral lens from SLK eye Disease. I accidentally ordered the AddiPak Vials for my eyes my Eye Dr. recommended. I accidentally used the wrong kind that is a Nebulizer
    from AddiPak and put in Lens and eyes. Burned so bad and I’m still feeling the pain. Does this ruin my scleral lens and damage eyes more. I can’t reach any of my dr and the front desk for help.

    Pamela Fralix on
  • Thanks for sharing with us. I really like your blog. Seriously your blog is very informative. Keep up to the great work

    Jolievie Delaney on
  • Ha I just checked and counted – I still have 28 bottles of Unisol left from my mad dash hoarding on Amazon after the discontinuations were announced. I use Addipak, Modudose when I travel, so probably will just end up on these when I run out. I tried serum drops, which were soothing, but they were too thick and quite the hassle to obtain. Celluvisc was thick also, so I had issues keeping the bubbles at bay. And I don’t feel comfortable trapping stuff with preservative in there.

    Kelley Young on
  • Hi Judy, I have severe aqueous deficient dry eyes from Sjogren’s. My doctor fitted me with Jupiter lenses for a total of $700.00 for the entire process (fitting and lenses) and they have worked beautifully. I still have to use a whole regimen of drops and other things (xiidra, serum, lacriserts and gentel gel at night and lotemax for flares) but have been able to return to work (on a modified schedule) as a grad student whereas I could not read or use the computer and was in constant discomfort before getting the lenses. I live in the midwest so they might be more expensive elsewhere. It did take a few months to try different lenses and get the right fit for my left eye but all the while my corneas were healing and I was becoming more functional. I have not tried the more expensive lenses so I don’t know if they would work better but Jupiter lenses have worked for me. I use the Boston conditioning and cleaning system and fill the lenses with Purilens saline and take them out to rinse and refill with saline every 5-6 hours (twice a day) They don’t work for everyone of course, but maybe they could be an option for you?

    Julia on
  • I have tried EVERYTHING except sclerals to help my dry eyes. I cannot see with glasses—air dries out already inflamed corneas. I do not have 2K or more to purchase sclerals, as my income is low and fixed. Do any of you have any ideas on how i could afford the lenses? I am desperate at this point.

    Judy on

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