Riddle of the Returns

On June 4th, 2019, a package was received at the Dry Eye Shop.  It was a return.  As Brent processed the package he noticed something strange.  The order associated with the return label did not match the product being returned.  Something was amiss with this return.  It was time to investigate!

The mystery deepened quickly.  Looking up the order number of the return label, Brent discovered that he had already processed it the previous week!  To make matters even more confusing, Margarette, to whom he had sent the return label, had never ordered the product in question.  Agatha however, did.  It was Agatha’s packing slip with the return.

Brent looked up Agatha’s order and to his amazement, her order had also been returned and processed the previous week!  

“Strange things are afoot at Dry Eye Shop!” he thought, quite baffled at this point.  Brent dug further.  How did Agatha get Margarette’s return label?  Margarette is in New York.  Agatha works for an eye care center in Washington state.   While Agatha did purchase the product being returned, she only ordered one of them and that one was already processed.  Where did the other one come from?

A return label that had been used twice... a return that had been processed and refunded the week prior to its arrival... and a returned product unaccounted for.  Brent began to wonder if he would get much sleep that night.  Little did Brent suspect the revelations that would unravel this perplexing mystery.

The following day, there was more time investigate.  Brent emailed Margarette and Agatha.  Margarette had no insights.  Agatha on the other hand had received Margarette’s return label and while she noticed something was off, used it anyway.  

Agatha’s account was quickly verified by reviewing the email she was sent with the return label as a file attachment.  That dissolved any suspicion of collusion between the two that had been floating about the shop.  There was never real evidence of such to begin with but there was still the issue of the extra product.

With Ally’s investigative help, Brent looked at outstanding returns for the same product.  As it turns out,  Agatha’s return label had been misnamed and sent to Statler who was also returning the same product as Agatha the previous week.

Brent hung his head in abject shame and laughed “Well I know what my next blog post is going to be!” 

“But it was all your fault!” was one response to which Brent exclaimed “Even better!” 

Thus the mystery was solved, a bit embarrassing though it was.  In the end, all returns were processed with their proper refunds and everyone lived happily ever after.  

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