BRENTNET: Season 1, Episode 1

A Dry Eye Shop Shipping Story

This is a true story.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

January 22, 11:39am.  Bob Smith placed an online order on the Dry Eye Shop for Product X.  There were problems with his address.  It was international.  I had to fix it.  Little did we know of what was to come.  Product X was packaged and shipped via USPS First-Class International the same day. 

March 1st, Bob called the Dry Eye Shop asking for the status of Product X.  It hadn’t arrived yet.  Lindy took the call.  Looking at the tracking for the shipment she discovered it had not been updated since January 28th.  She suggested Bob check with his local Customs office.  If they didn’t have it we would send a chaser. 

March 7th. Lindy arranged to send another package of Product X to Bob.  There were no issues with the address but it was still international. Extra items were included at Bob’s request.  The chaser was processed on the 7th and picked up by DHL on March 8th.  We didn’t want to use USPS again.  

Lindy kept a close eye on the chaser.  It was delivered to Bob on March 12th.  Lindy followed up with Bob via email who confirmed receipt of the package and that he’d spoken to an optician about Rx lenses, which really has little connection to this story.  I only mention it because Lindy wrote it on the chaser’s record.  

10 months later. December 4th.  The original package containing Product X was delivered back to the Dry Eye Shop.  It had “unclaimed” written on the label.   

This is just one of many Dry Eye Shop shipping stories. Online shoppers beware. This could happen to you.  

Disclaimer: No packages or products were harmed and no arrests were made. This stuff just happens.

On an unrelated note, does anyone need a new pair of Ziena SeaCrest glasses?  Glossy black with clear lenses.  Has traveled the Pacific, twice.


(Editor's notes: Dragnet music was supposed to be playing in the background, but that was beyond my technical skills. Methinks I will have to learn before the next post in this series.)

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  • Wow! A behind the scenes look at the shipping world! Thanks! There are interested readers out here and we want to know the ins and outs of shipping! Thanks Brent

    Sherry Bulmahn on

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