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This is a list of some of our most popular night products or product groups for people suffering from dry eye at night, including conditions such as classic nocturnal lagophthalmos, Bell's palsy, and poor eyelid closure due to surgery on the lids or orbits. Please also see companion article Night Product Selection Tips.

 Product Tends to be a good choice for: Usually not the best choice for

Onyix & Quartz Silicone Shields (Quartz pictured)



CPAP mask compatibility (including full face masks

Ladies with small to medium faces

Users who want to increase moisture and protection with the least inconvenience

Users who want something low profile, unobtrusive and low maintenance


Men with larger orbits

Women with impressible skin or excessive edema overnight (due to possible skin indentations)

Users with very long lashes

Stomach sleepers

EyeSeals 4.0 (colored version pictured; also available in clear and a variety of colors)


Max out moisture content without foam


Users who want to max out moisture but without touching eyes

Users who low tolerance for hassle (may need frequent replacement)

Most (not all) nasal pillow type CPAP masks

Users with very long lashes

Very small or narrow faces (fits medium to large best)

Full face CPAP masks (with some exceptions)



Seals in moisture; adds moisture with pads; can help secure lids

Users who want to maximize moisture retention

Compliant patients who will follow instructions on daily cleaning and regular foam replacement

Back sleepers

Some RCE patients (pads may help hold lids still if fitted properly)

Users who need to avoid anything touching lids

Users with non-closing eyelids

Users on a budget (pads require replacement) or maintenance averse (pads must be washed daily)

Some side sleepers (due to bulk)

Users who move a lot during sleep (can get pushed off easily)

Most stomach sleepers

Contraindications: ingrown eyelashes, infections, bandage contact lenses

CPAP users with full face masks

Bubble eye bandages (sealed)


Single eye problems

Temporary problems

Those who need to max out moisture and for whatever reason cannot use any of the Eye Eco products

Daytime use under glasses? (Ortolux only)

Adhesive intolerance

Sensitive or very fragile skin

Bubble eye bandages (vented) As above, but better suited to higher risk users

Medical tapes & occlusion bandages


RCE patients

Severe lid laxity or lid closure issues

Any patient whose doctor requires their lids to be sealed down at night

Adhesive intolerance

Safety issues (people who can't have vision occluded at night; perhaps seal one eye only)


Post LASIK goggle

Floppy eyelid syndrome

Stomach sleepers

Users on a budget

Duo Shield, Solo Shield

Post surgical situations (products are rigid and vented)

Sleep masks (Escape and Contour pictured)



Users who only need to block ceiling fans and air conditioning

Users who can't tolerate plastics, foams and adhesives

Contour mask: Users who need something featherweight to block moving air

Escape mask: Users who need a structured mask that doesn't touch the eyes - good for side sleepers, and *some* stomach sleepers

Not ideal for increasing moisture. High end masks are cotton backed and wick away, rather than reflect, moisture. They do, however, block moving air (such as from fans or vents) very well, so they are popular for mild to moderate dry eye.