Where's Lobob? (Update)

Last updated 10/13/2020

Where is Lobob ESC?

Optimum by Lobob Extra Strength Cleaner... Some of us know it as Optimum, some of us know it as Lobob, some of us know it as ESC. By any of these names, it's still the best darned "rub" cleaning solution for scleral lenses. (Except, of course Hydra PEG coated lenses, because it will strip the coating.) 

Anyway, whatever you call it, it's out of production, has been so for more than a year, and at this point it seems unlikely it will return to the market, at least not anytime soon.

What happened?

Lobob products were made by a contract manufacturer (Altaire) that had its operations interrupted by extensive recalls of eye care products in July 2019. Some of you may remember some massive recalls of over-the-counter eye drops and ointments. Lobob solutions were not recalled, but manufacturing ceased. As at this writing, there is no indication the manufacturing facility has resumed operations. 

This is a huge problem for the scleral lens community, as Lobob ESC is a top recommended 'rub' cleaning solution. 

What can I use instead of Lobob ESC?

  • Miraflow: Miraflow is an excellent cleaning solution. It was missing for several months but as of this writing (October 2020) appears to be available for purchase again at miraflow.com
  • Multi-purpose solutions: Many people don't know that these can be used for rub cleaning. Unique pH is one of the most popular amongst scleral lens users. Additional good multipurpose solutions are Boston Simplus and Tangible Clean.
  • Sereine? As of this writing (October 2020) this appears to still be out of stock, but you can always check MyEyeSupply.com's Sereine page for current availability. 

Please talk to your eye doctor for their specific recommendations.

Other Lobob products

Here is the current status of other Lobob products that we used to stock.

  • Lobob CDS is also unavailable. CDS users are recommended to switch to another multi-purpose solution.
  • Lobob's Sof/Pro2 (generic for Miraflow) has unfortunately been discontinued. 

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  • I have used Lobob products for over 25 years as I recall. Nothing comes as close to what their products did for cleansing and comfort.

    Jimm Murray on
  • I have used Lobob Sterile Cleaning Solution (even better than Optimum ESC) since 1979. As I occasionally tried others through the years (Claris by Menicon/Medicare was better, but no longer made) Boston and everything else was a way worse option. So, when Lobob Sterile disappeared first, I knew what I was looking at and bought all the Optimum ESC up from Walgreens here locally and off eBay. Now back to Boston and I’m hating life! Please help!

    Alan Koziol on
  • Lobob was the best! Without it I dread cleaning my lenses and inserting them daily. Usually have to redo the process and use three different solutions for clarity. Whoever has the formula for Lobob products can make a fortune producing the original line again. Meanwhile, I am aggravated.

    Emily Scott on
  • I need RGP lenses to correct my significant astigmatism. I have used the Optimum products for 20 years with no problems. Now that I can no longer find them, I realize the alternatives leave my eyes sore and tired, and my contact lenses are cloudy. Boston and Miraflow do not work as well as for me, and I am actually considering surgery so I can see, as glasses just don’t do the trick. Please bring back Optimum

    Vikki on
  • Someone on Youtube swears by using Milton Sterilizing Fluid to clean her rgp contacts. She said it helped removed stubborn stains. I may have to go through this route and if it’s as good as Lobob ESC or even better, I won’t look back!

    Cynthia on

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