Moisture Goggle Trial Kits

Which goggle will work best for me?

The reality is, you probably won't know till you try. Some people can tell just by looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions. But for many others, trying to figure out which goggle will work takes a lot of time, trial and error, and returned merchandise. Most of us aren't used to wearing stuff on our face at night, and until we've actually tried one, we just won't know if it's comfortable enough! We also have differently sized and shaped faces and orbits, eyes that are prominent, average or deep set, normal or sensitive skin, and so on. And some of us have complicating factors like a CPAP nasal pillow or even a full face mask to work around.

We've always encouraged customers to try two or more items at a time so that they can more easily compare products. Our new trial kits (scroll down to see the options), with free return shipping, are designed to make that process more convenient.

It's also worth noting that many of us actually like more than one, and use them at different times - for example, I am more likely to use Tranquileyes (XL size, for me...) during a flare-up or during the winter, and one of the clear goggles at other times.

 Kit Includes Recommended if:
#1 - Standard Tranquileyes
Clear Eyeseals 4.0
You prefer a clear goggle if possible, or you aren't sure
Your face and eyes are average size (more or less)
You sleep on your back and/or side
#2 - Light blocking Tranquileyes
Charcoal Eyeseals 4.0
As above, but you normally sleep with a sleep mask so you prefer dark shields
#3 - Small only Tranquileyes
Quartz or Onyix
Your hat size and/or orbits are noticeably smaller than average
#4 - Large only Tranquileyes XL
Clear Eyeseals 4.0 (or charcoal)
Your hat size and/or orbits are noticeably larger than average
#5 - Clear only Quartz
Clear Eyeseals 4.0
You prefer nothing touching your eyelids, and/or you only want to try transparent options


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