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Dancing Brush, 3.0

Posted by Rebecca Petris on

A week ago Monday, we shut down a little early to head to Dancing Brush for a little relaxing with some paintbrushes. Monday is our busiest day here, but it was the only day we could make it work, and we wanted to pick a day that would allow enough time for getting our items fired and ready before Aidan heads back to California (he leaves tomorrow).  This time around, it was Aidan, Ally, Brent, Chaidie, Susan, Ally's very young nephew, and myself.... This has become our favored offsite quasi-party activity. If you've been with us for awhile you may remember Lindy...

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Pesto and Pottery: Our Company Christmas Party!

Posted by Lindy Thibodaux on

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear “company Christmas party”, I imagine men in novelty ties, women in sparkly red dresses, too much to drink, and (worst case scenario) karaoke. But not at The Dry Eye Company! Since we’re fairly new to having employees, this is the first time we’ve had our very own Christmas party, and it was utterly different than I expected — in a really good way.We started with lunch at a local Italian restaurant, Sogno di Vino. It was a typical Northwest December day, chilly, blustery, and rainy, so the cozy, firelit atmosphere inside the...

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